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GRAB AR is the simplest way to create, save and share a collection of images with notes and/or links associated! GRAB Collections of your chosen Images on one screen to represent content, double tap to add/view notes or links, position as you want and then save and share!

GRAB Images to represent content, add notes or links. Add multiple Image Content Items in one .GRABAR Collection. Save and Share .GRABAR Collection files. Generate documents (Word/PDF) from GRAB Collections!

GRAB AR automatically removes the background of any Image Content and then places this on the Camera to view in any chosen surroundings. With GRAB AR you can add multiple Image Content Items on one screen to Mix-and-Match, Compare and Share.

How to use GRAB AR

  • Download and launch the GRAB AR App
  • Select focus on the object you want to GRAB / Copy
  • Press and hold until the Image is Copied (Image Backgrounds are Automatically Removed)
  • Add multiple GRAB Content Items from Camera / QR, Phone, URL, Shop
  • Arrange your Image Collection as required (move and resize with finger gestures)
  • Double Tap Image Content Item to add Notes
  • Save. Send.

Features of GRAB AR

  • Safe, secure and private AR Content Viewer, QR Scanner and AI Image Background Remover
  • GRAB Content from GRAB AR QR Codes, The quickest way to get information from Laptop to Mobile device
  • View Details for any Image Content Item
  • AR Content Viewer | AR Camera
  • QR Reader | QR Scanner
  • AI Image Background Remover
  • GRAB AR Website Add-In
  • Create GRAB AR QR Codes
  • Simple, intuitive and easy to use AR App UI/UX
  • Select Image Content Items from your Camera, GRAB AR QR Codes, Phone Photos, or any Image URL
  • Move, scale and resize images to position as required
  • Visualise how Content Items look in any environment that you choose
  • Two-in-one image capture and photo background eraser App
  • Option to save the no background images as transparent pngs
  • Powerful and Useful!

Download and use GRAB AR to experience a practical use of AR and AI - the future is now!

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